Ace Ventura – Pet Detective

You probably know the fantastic movie Ace Ventura, right? The leading role of the movie is played by nobody less than Jim Carrey, the funniest guy. Developer Playtech has brought this movie back to life with this slot machine. Even though the slot has a standard set-up, there are a lot of surprising features for the player to experience. For example a bonus game, which gives a lot of opportunities to win. Trying out this slot for free is possible, you can do so at one of the online casinos!

Ace Ventura – Pet Detective

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Explanation about the Ace Ventura slot machine

Ace Ventura can be played by just about anyone, because it’s an easy slot to understand. The set up is with 5 reels and 3 rows, the Wild symbol can help to achieve the winning amount. You’ll also find standard symbols on the reels, making this slot feel familiar. Whoever isn’t in the mood to keep clicking on the spin button, there luckily is an autoplay function. Simply set the amount and it will start spinning for you automatically.

Players can collect posters, which will make its way on the reels sometimes. These posters can result in certain features for you to use. Another fun extra is the symbol of Jim Carrey or Ace Ventura. When you find his face on the reels, be happy, because if you haven’t won a prize at that particular spin you get a re-spin.

Free spins on the Ace Ventura slot

The Ace Ventura slot has endless opportunities when it comes to winning spins. If you get the bonus symbol 3 times, you’ll receive 7 free spins at an instant. While spinning, each animal on the reels has a special purpose. Wins can be multiplied and prizes won will be higher than in the regular game.