Blackjack is one of the most well-known casino games. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer, but this isn’t always an easy task. There’s some strategy and good thinking involved when it comes to playing Blackjack, because there are lots of rules to take in before you start playing.

Dealing the cards

The game starts off by the dealer (sometimes also referred to as “the casino”) giving himself and all the players two cards. The last card the dealer gives to himself he will put on the table facing up, so that everyone can see that card. This card is vital to the game, because it will give you the information you need to make the correct choices from there on. From that point the real game starts, and each player will get their turn.


You need to lay down cards that add up to 21, or at least something very close to that number. The closer you are to the number, the higher your chances of winning are. If you go over 21 points, you are “busted”, and will no longer be allowed to participate in that round of Blackjack. If the player stays under 21 points, but the dealer goes over, the dealer is “busted” and the player wins, despite the amount of points the players’ cards add up to.

Online Blackjack strategies

Playing “Blackjack” in real time is a lot different than playing the game online. In real life, you can gauge the players’ and the dealers’ reaction, see if they’re bluffing or not and try to test them in some ways. You can’t do that when you play Blackjack online, but there are certain strategies that can still apply when playing this game online. There are schemes of different combinations and chances of those cards being drawn that can greatly improve your chances of winning.

Splitting cards

These schemes also tell you when it is best to split your cards, to pass, double or to ask for an extra card. Of course, you are not bound to a certain scheme and there is always room for improvising. If you feel like you need an extra card, don’t hesitate to ask for one, despite what the scheme tells you to do.

Point system for online play

By now we’re sure you know that the goal of Blackjack is to lay down the right cards that add up to a high number or 21, but not exceeding the number 21 in total. The way this works is simple; let’s start with the “picture” cards. The “King”, “Queen”, and “Jack” card are all worth 10 points. The other cards all show a value ranging from one to ten, and they are of course worth what it says on the card itself. The “Ace” can be seen as a “Joker”, since it can either have a value of 1 point or 11 points, depending on what you want its worth to be.


With this knowledge, let’s set up an example: You have an “Ace” and a 9 card. They add up to 20 points, which means it’s a great combination of cards. However, an “Ace” and a 4 card can either add up to 5 or 15 points, that’s up to you. In this instance, you can ask for an extra card, but if the extra card is a 10 card… well, that would mean you would go over 21 points. If you say that your “Ace” in that example is worth 1 point instead of 11, you’d still have 15 points even with that extra card that’s worth 10 points, so you wouldn’t be “busted”.

What you need to start

Did all this talk of Blackjack peak your interest? You can start playing Blackjack online today. Start by picking out an online casino that you like the look and feel of, and you’re good to go! Different casinos have different rules and benefits, though, so make sure you really look into them. Have fun!

It’s fair to say that Blackjack is one of the most popular game of chance around and there are different reasons for its popularity. One of them is of course the obvious reason that blackjack is simply a fun game to play while at the same time can earn you a nice amount of money.

When you get more and more experienced with the game of blackjack, you’ll start building up experience. But it’s a completely wrong assumption that even as an experienced blackjack player there is nothing to learn anymore. So that’s why today we’re sharing with you 5 interesting tips for the experienced blackjack player.

5 tips for the experienced blackjack players

Tip 1: Planning out your very own blackjack strategy

You’ll be shocked to know how many very experienced blackjack players still use the most basic of strategies in the world of blackjack. Although these systems have proved themselves to be efficient, you’d expect the experienced player to dare playing a little more innovative. That’s why instead of going with a classic strategy, coming up with your very own blackjack strategy is a great idea. This might seem complicated, but the truth is: it’s really isn’t. A good start to form a strategy is to simply start noticing what works and what doesn’t work when playing blackjack. From there you can start consciously changing your strategy and come up with that special blackjack play that only you understand.

How to keep track of your experience? Simply note down everything you learn while playing on a small notebook you bring along. Then when you have some spare time pull all the collected information together and form a strategy. The advantage of playing according to your own strategy is that you’ll be innovative and smart. On top of that you might even help others to maximize their winnings too. By doing so you can even put yourself out there as a proper blackjack expert! Seems like a good deal.

Tip 2: Dare to play a more evolved form of blackjack

The popularity of blackjack has brought about different variations of the game. One of these variations is the so called ‘High Streak Blackjack’. Outside of the regular blackjack rules, this version offers you the opportunity of a so called side bet. This additional option adds excitement while at the same time generates higher wins due to the fewer playing rounds. The longer your winning streak, the higher your final win will be. But where there is a lot at stake to win, there is a lot at stake to lose too. Because it’s easy with sidebets to lose a lot of money, it’s very much recommended only for experienced players to engage in this game.

Tip 3: Challenge yourself

As experienced blackjack player you’re constantly looking for new challenges. The classic, standard blackjack is not satisfying enough anymore and won’t challenge you to get the best out of your skills. Challenging yourself and keeping in mind a certain goal when you start a new game of blackjack can be a solution too. For example try starting a game with a very modest amount of 10 euros and try turning that into a 1000 euros. No goal is too unrealistic for the most experienced blackjack players.

Tip 4: Play ‘High Stakes Blackjack’ for even bigger wins

As experienced Blackjack player a small win margin no longer satisfies you. Maximizing your earnings is the key. You can do so with the so called ‘High Stakes Blackjack’. Despite similar names, note that this is not the same as the previously mentioned High Streak Blackjack. This version doesn’t make use of so called sidebets. So what’s exactly so appealing about the High Stakes Blackjack? It’s very simple. With this game you can place high bets and therefore generate higher wins compared to with the regular blackjack games. Enough reasons to try out this version of blackjack!

Tip 5: Outdo the dealer at live blackjack

The fifth and last tip has everything to do with the playing of live blackjack. The live version of blackjack is a game that is especially appreciate by the more experienced blackjack player. This has for the major part to do with the fact that the pressure to perform is just a little higher than usual. Because let’s admit, as experienced blackjack player you don’t want to get beaten by the dealer, do you? When you can’t find any more challenges the usual virtual games, then it’s absolutely worth testing your skills and try your luck at a game of live blackjack.