Scratch Cards

Aside from the ‘classic’ paper scratch cards, nowadays you can also play scratch cards online! Where paper scratch cards have a layer covering the prize boxes, online you’ll be removing the scratch layer with for example a graphic coin. Same effect, but then from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone.

Popular scratchgames

Play Online

You can easily purchase scratch cards online, after which you can immediately scratch off its digital layer and find out whether you’ve won or not. The big advantage of online scratch cards is that you ofcourse don’t have to leave your home, but can instead scratch away from your lazy chair. You can play 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, whenever you feel like it. Because purchasing scratch cards online is so easy, more and more online suppliers are offering scratch cards to their customers.

Welcome bonus

In most cases, new players will receive a nice bonus that can be used to get to know a variety of different scratch card game online. By offering this bonus, players can experience how fun and exciting the different online scratch card games are and also be in the running to win great prizes. Did you win something? Then you can easily let your prize money be transferred to your bank account. So yes, you’re playing for real money here! If you’ve finished up your credits, you can easily purchase new credits online to continue playing and scratching. And of course to have a chance on amazing money prizes!

Regular scratch tickets

Scratch cards are super popular, many people buy one on the go while grocery shopping or at a quick gas station stop. Scratch cards are often presented on shelves right next to the checkout counter, creating the ultimate temptation for scratch card lovers to purchase one on the go.

Scratch games at an online casino

Online gambling suppliers understand the appeal of the scratch card, therefore many websites offer them online in all kinds of forms. Online scratch cards look exactly the same as the ones you find in real life. The player has an account at one of the many online suppliers and can then purchase scratch cards from his lazy chair, go to check out and play immediately.

How does it work

After purchase, you can instantly play your scratch card. If you won anything, your profit will immediately be added to your account. The big advantage of the online scratch card is that you don’t have to leave your house! You can buy one any time of the day. As a new member at an online casino where they sell scratch cards, you receive a nice bonus. This allows you to instantly try out the different kinds of scratch cards and get to know the game.


The demand for online scratch cards is increasing every year, which means that more and more online casino’s offer scratch cards in its original form. Not just in its original form though, new types are being introduced all the time as well. Just as with all the other gambling, do be aware of the danger of addiction. The fact that purchasing scratch cards is so easy is what makes it tricky. Remember that gambling should always stay fun!