Online slots

When you visit a casino, it’s not a surprise that the magical ambiance will impress you. In a regular casino the variety of slots is more often than not pretty regular but not impressive. Nowadays that’s different. When you begin playing online slots, you have to keep in mind that you have to choose between a thousand or so different machines. This makes the beginning player feel overwhelmed easily. So ask yourself the question, how should you as beginning player play on these machines and what should you keep in mind while doing so? If you’re wondering about that too, then read on because on this page we’ll give you all the information that will help you find the answers on those questions and more.

Winning chances at online slots (for beginners)

So as a first, as a beginning player it’s definitely a good idea to try your luck on online slots. Different researches that compared online casino’s with physical casino’s is that the first pay out a whole lot more than the latter. A slot in a physical casino has a payout percentage of between 87 and 92 percent while the average percentage for online casino’s is a staggering 98 percent. That means that as a beginner you can have a whole lot more luck to win big when you try your luck at an online casino.

Check on the RNG

Many beginning players are concerned whether the slot machines are programmed fair. Luckily this is being monitored online with help of the so called ‘Random Number Generator’. This system safeguards that every slot machines has a decent quality and is reliable for its players. This system makes sure that that with every spin the outcome can’t be influenced in any way. That makes the whole system of online slot machines a whole lot safer and therefore also a lot more trustworthy and interesting to play.

Only play with money that you can miss

The golden rule for every player that wants to start trying their luck at an online casino is as follows. Never bet more money than you can miss. Playing with money that is supposed to be used to pay your bills is never a good idea. But instead, if you have a little bit of money left at the end of the month and you want to try your luck at making a little more money? Then of course you can give it a try and play on one of the many slot machines to choose from.

Making the most of free spins and welcome bonusses

When you sign up as a new player at an online casino, you’ll receive a so called welcome bonus. This can mean you’ll receive a certain type of deposit bonus, but it can also mean that you additionally receive a certain amount of free spins. When making the most of the welcome bonus and free spins it’s possible to limit your financial risk in a decent manner while still trying your luck at winning big. For beginners this also offers a fun opportunity to learn how to play on a variety of different slot machines without too much risk.

Try your luck at a progressive jackpot slot

Beginning players often don’t feel so confident to play with big amounts of money. That’s because they still feel insecure about their own skills. That’s only normal. If that’s the case for you too, you can try your luck with a progressive jackpot slot. Playing on one of these means you don’t necessarily have to bet large, but you do have the chance of winning big thanks to the fact that you’re playing on a progressive jackpot. Who knows if you make yourself a millionaire in one shot.

Limit the winning lines

Many beginning players still believe that a slot machines with a large amount of winning lines is by definition the most interesting to play. They believe this quite literally because you’ll see them trying their first money on a slot with at least 100 winning lines. Although this seems appealing, it really is not. The more winning lines a slot machine has, the quicker you’ll lose overview. As beginner it’s always most interesting to stick to slot machines with only about 10 winning lines. This way you can learn a bit and not lose overview.

Be cautious with bonus games

At the very moment you win at a standard slot machine game, it’s possible to get invited for a bonus game. That seems like a tempting thing to do because one shot could bring you great wins. But it’s recommended for beginners to not participate. Because the chance that you’ll be winning three times in a row is very small.. If you take the wrong decision that means you’ll see your wins going up in smoke. So as a beginner, keep it as simple as you can and make sure that you let your wins pay out regularly.