Are live dealer casino’s trustworthy?

Playing at a live dealer casino

Live casinos are increasing in popularity. Although this is great progress, some people feel cautious about live dealer casinos. One of the reasons is that there is no guarantee for fair-play.

Although there are systems in place monitoring fair-play, for example the RNG system, this is not sufficient. The RNG system is a random number generator preventing third parties influence on games. Unfortunately this system can’t be used for live casino’s.

Below we are discussing what protections players at live casinos have in terms of fair play.

Checks by the ‘Gaming Authority’

A great indicator for a casino’s trustworthiness is whether they have a license or not. These licenses are given out by the ‘Gaming Authority’. This authority operates in many countries. Malta, Curaçao, as well as the UK give out the most important licenses. Casinos only get a license when they give authorities access to their system. If you are not sure if a site has indeed a UK license, is a good place to check. Visit their site to see which casinos operate with a UK license.

Can the croupier influence the game?

A frequently heard standpoint in the discussion of casino’s trustworthiness, is that croupiers can  influence the game. This has happened in casinos in the past, so it’s not strange players worry. Influencing the ball or swap cards is not hard. There is a strict camera surveillance in casinos, especially above the tables. Nevertheless influencing the game is still possible.

High definition cameras monitor the game stronger than ever

To secure fair-play in live dealer casinos, many are using high definition cameras. These cameras, for example used at ‘Immersive Roulette’ provide an realistic view of the casino game. Additionally, they offer the player a view on the table. That means that if illegitimate influence happens, you’ll notice it. Another reason to relax.

Avoid black-listed casino games

Unfortunately not every online casino is trustworthy and several have been blacklisted over the past few years. Before you start playing in a live dealer casino, double-checking the list is a must. Blacklisted casinos can engage in unfair practices or have stopped paying out its players.


A decent level of transparency is needed for players to feel safe when playing at a live casino. Camera’s on the table definitely make that easier. Unfortunately there still is a chance malicious practices could happen. We can conclude however, that once casinos receive a license, it’s safe to play there because follow-up checks happen regularly.

If you like playing table games and would like to do so from home, try your luck. Just make sure you do your research.