Archangels Salvation

In 2018, Net Entertainment brought out on the market its new slot Archangels Salvation. This slot machine is one of the bigger recent productions by this developer. This slot has an astounding amount of winning lines, 500, which Netent has never done before. Plenty of reason for excitement.

Archangels Salvation

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The Archangels Salvation slot revolves around the theme of good and evil, which is brought forward by way of a good and devil-ish angel. Although the video slot appears a little small, this is only the case at first sight. It’s packed with surprises, cool features and nice prizes. Practice for free at one of the online casino’s.

Explanation about the Archangels Salvation slot machine

The Archangels Salvation slot has 6 reels and 12 rows. You’ll be playing this game on a total of 100 winning lines at a minimum of 40 eurocent per spin. The maximum bet you can place is 200 euros, This slot is flexible in terms of bets, which means both big and small players enjoy playing this slot. Moreover, the RTP is at a reasonable percentage of 96%, which is decent.

All symbols on the reels are stacked, there a total of 10 different symbols. The most lucrative animations are the ones of the angel and the devil. When you got one of those, a prize of 75.000 euros can be won!

Wild Hot Spots

There are 4 reels that function as so called ‘hot spot’. 2 can be found at the bottom, 2 at the top. If the Wild Symbol appears at one of those hot spots, you may see many more Wild features apearring on the reels. Moreover it’s possible that an amount of 16 wilds will appear, which will make the prize increase massively. Because when that happens, a chain reaction of winning combinations will occur.