Robin Hood Slot

The one and only, he steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. He makes people tremble with fear, he is the example of courage and the hero of the underprivileged. We are talking about Robin Hood of course! The hero lives on in many stories and is therefore unforgettable, especially since the existence of the ‘Robin Hood’ video slot. You as the player will steal from the rich too with this video slot, at least, that is how easy it has become to win. The maker of the slot is Net Entertainment, one of the biggest names in the world of online gambling.

Robin Hood Slot

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5 Reels slot

This slot machine has five reels. You can easily achieve winning combinations by playing with multiple paylines. The maximum number of paylines is twenty, but for this, you will need to bet more money per spin. On the other hand, the winnings can be much bigger.

Free rounds

Plenty of positives with the ‘Robin Hood’ video slot, think about nice extras. For example, make use of special features, winning free rounds is always nice as well. What about extra wild, which works in your favor just like that. Again, winning money has never been this easy.

Play with this video slot and feel like a real ‘Robin Hood’. The fairy tale is brought up in many ways, think of images, beautiful design and an exciting background music. Nothing is too crazy!

The shifting reels feature allows all reels to shuffle, making it even easier to achieve winning combinations.