If you’re a more experienced poker player, chances are that you don’t get a lot of satisfaction out of playing on one table only. It’s not just satisfaction, but these players also need more than one table for the simple reason that it’s necessary for them to optimize their winnings. So that makes that the experienced poker player always goes for more than one table at a time and starts playing at several tables. Do you have quite some experience as a poker player and do you want to know the tips and tricks to get more out of the game? On this page you’ll read all about it.

Open more tables in one screen

Almost all casinos or poker websites nowadays offer their players the possibility to play at an endless amount of tables at the same time. Just the fact that this is possible, doesn’t mean it’s the recommended thing to do. The most important thing for a poker player is to be able to maintain overview at all times. That’s not all, because you also need to consider that the very best poker players always have a great sense of the game. Understandably the more tables you play, the harder it is to maintain that fine eye for the game, therefore it’s the question if playing on more tables is necessarily better.

If however you choose to play at several poker tables at the same time, please do so. Like previously mentioned, almost all online casinos or poker websites offer you that possibility. The different poker tables you play on are then divided in little blocks on your screen, making sure that you can see what’s going on with each game at any time. Aside of that, online casinos have chosen to adapt their game to poker players that are active on multiple tables at the same time. The result is that you’ll have different signals and bells to notify you of different games wanting your attention. By these means, the game won’t get delayed when you have your attention focused on another game.

Play with several screens? It’s possible!

The most experienced and professional players amongst us even take it a step further. It’s important to them that they maintain an excellent overview of each poker table where there are active. The solution? Use multiple screens! Having that excellent overview simply isn’t possible on one screen when each game is being reduced in size. Luckily there is a solution, because nowadays you can spread your different poker tables to different screens. This simple solution offers an amazing game experience and it’s the ultimate way to play for the experienced poker player.

Playing on several poker tables, what do you need?

Many poker players are afraid that they have to walk through different settings in order to be able to play on different tables at the same time. However, that’s not the case at all. You simply have to decide for yourself on how many tables you want to play at the same time and decide on how to divide these games on your screen (or screen). Will you be opening several tables on one screen only or do you prefer to install several screens in your set up for the ultimate overview? The only other thing you need is a reliable and fast internet connection and quiet location where you can focus on the poker game without any distractions.

Advantages of playing on multiple poker tables

The most important reason why poker players choose to bet on multiple poker tables at the same time is because by playing in this manner you can secure a higher win in a shorter amount of time. Experienced poker players have often won big and that’s why playing for small wins at a standard poker table simply isn’t so appealing anymore. By placing bets at multiple tables, you can elevate your wins and also add some thrill to the game. When playing this way, you’re potentially winning 3 times the normally win per hour. Well, if that isn’t worth it than I don’t know what is!

Are there any disadvantages?

Poker is not a plain chance game. It’s a game where the experience or wits of the player can significantly impact the outcome of the game. By playing on several tables at the same time your feeling for one particular game can decrease easily. On top of that it requires a insane amount of attention to stay focused on the game. These two factors taken into account means that you’ll potentially be confronted with loss, more than you thought to be possible in the first place. Making sure that you don’t have any distractions in your surroundings might keep these two risk factors in check.

A second disadvantage can be found in the fact that playing on multiple poker tables is only possible for experienced players. New players more often than not have a hard time to maintain 1 game, let alone play several at the same time. However for the more experienced player it can be an excellent way to keep poker challenging and fun, plus an opportunity to optimize wins to the fullest.

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