Online slot machines are very popular amongst players in online casinos, which explains why they have a big assortment of games. One of the highlights is the Superjoker slot machine. This fun slot has a total of 2 games and ofcourse also a joker which plays a big part in this game. Below you can read more about the Superjoker slotmachine and try it out for free at one of the selected casinos.

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The Superjoker slot has a standard game, which is also called the undergame. At this game, your objective is to win credits, which can then be used in the uppergame. This slot has a set-up with 4 reels, but only 3 will be spinning. Per spin you’re required to place a bet of at least one credit which is the equivalent of 10 eurocent. Do you want to know in more detail what prizes you can win? Then have a look at the prize table which you can find on the side of your screen.

Winning is only possible by getting the winning combination on the winning line. This line runs through the middle of the reels. But there is one more way to win a money prize, because the jokers will grant players a mystery prize. If you get 2 or 3 jokers on the reels, you’ll receive a maxmimum prize of 200 credits.

Gamble Function

In the Superjoker’s standardgame it’s possible to double the credits you’ve won. You can do that by using the so called ‘gamble’ function. It’s a simple game, basically it’s just the digital version of playing heads and tails. So you can either win or lose. Choose one of the two and you might double your win. You can play this game with a maximum of 200 credits.

Play for free on the Superjoker slot

The Superjoker slot machine is available to play at most online casinos, where you’ll also have the option to play it for free. Simply click on the ‘fun’ mode to start the game. This way you get the experience the game and the casino feeling without the risk of losing your money.