Roulette is a fun game to play every once in a while! One player will do so at home with the family, the other practices online. But of course the real fun only begins when you use real money. Feeling the thrill and excitement, especially when the ball is about to stop moving. If you win a nice amount of money, that’s even better and totally adds to the enjoyment of the game. Great reasons to play roulette with real money.

Play for free

Most online casino’s offer their players the opportunity to practice roulette for free, but there is also the opportunity to play with real money. Playing with money is only possible once you’ve created an account at the online casino. That is easily done and only takes a few mouse clicks and several minutes of your time. It’s mandatory though to transfer a certain amount of money in order to activate your account. Transferring money is easily done through iDeal or you can do so via credit card or an e-wallet. New players also receive a nice welcome bonus upon their first deposit.

Faites vos jeux

Once you’ve created an account on which you’ve transferred money, you can begin the game! Take place on one of the online roulette tables and start betting! Bet on colour, an even number or a street. After a while, the croupier will decide that betting is done, after which the ball will spin on the wheel. Then all you have to do is wait to until the ball loses momentum and falls onto the wheel.

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